November 22, 2008

Go Bucks!

Ohio State is in the lead.

Life is sweet. Its been the greatest day....even though a few of the kids are under the weather, they all have a big game going on, determined by points that the Buckeyes score in the game today. They are making money off touchdown points. Good times.

The food has been abundant, Gary never fails there, and
the game is going as expected, with the Buckeyes in the lead.
The kids have been promised
if the Bucks win, the family goes out for Chinese Food, lol....
Funny how dinner rides on football players...oy vey!

My mom had a birthday yesterday.....I went to the bakery to get her the traditional Thrushes cupcakes...oh yummO....heaven in one big bite, ok, ok, maybe two.
Usually I get her those gorgeous cupcakes with really bright fun colors....

Not this year. Her birthday fell on the Ohio State vs. Michigan game, and the cupcake choices were simple. Blue & Yellow or Red & Gray.
Oh mercy. So the baker asks me who my Mom is rooting for, and I told her, well.....she really isn't. I just need cupcakes, lol.
So she loaded me up with team colors and when I tell you the blue frosting was blue? Oh blue as the color can come.

And what happens when you eat blue frosting?
You look like you've eaten a Smurf.

Most of you know my downfall of sweets....and well.....
It looks like Ive eaten approximately 27 smurfs. I am permanently blue.
Try yelling GO BUCKS with a blue mouth and convincing your die hard Buckeye Family Fans that you really have NOT converted.

No really......

Go Bucks! said the lady with the really blue teeth.

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