November 6, 2008

Life is Gooooood

Well, I did it!
I drove 1000 miles with 3 kids, Kady and a U-haul, lol.
I was really dreading the move, but it ended up being really great.

It took us 17 hours, and when your the only one driving, it really feels like its taking forever, but when its over, you sigh and say...."Wow, maybe it wasnt THAT long" , lol.....

We saw beautiful leave changes, the mountains in TN and gorgeous foilage along the highways. A few people offered to fly down and help me drive back home, but I was really proud of myself to have done it all alone.
And I couldnt have done it without my kids. They are truly great.

We are all soo thankful and glad to be back in Toledo/Maumee.
You really dont realize all that you missed until you are actually away from it.

I get to spend my holidays with my Mom now, and we are soo excited.
I cannot WAIT to cook on Thanksgiving and make my famous pecan honey butter over a nice hot skillet of corn bread. If anyone has any great traditions for the holidays, Im all ears. I've always made the holidays full of memories for the kids and they look forward to it each year.

I have my office almost set up, my torch is itching to be lit and monkey babies are dancing in my head, waiting to be sculpted.
Im still unpacking and dancing around boxes, but its all worth it.

Tim got a new job today and I'm enrolling the girls in school.
They couldnt be more excited to be back home, around all their friends and back in the ho-hum of daily life.

I am soo thankful to all those that have supported me during this hardship and I realize how blessed we are that things are going so well.
Life couldnt be any better right now, and moving forward in a way I didnt think it ever would.

We are looking into going to Amish Country this month, and staying in those quaint little cottages, doing some amish shopping and chow on some authentic amish cooking......

I will be checking back with you all soon.....
Peace & Hairgrease!

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