October 31, 2008

Your Robe, Thy Honor....

Ever feel like you live in one of those sappy TV Soap Opera's?
You know the type..... full of all sorts of crazy people, ideas, love, hate, judgements and every sin available to man?

Yah, you probably can't relate....but many can

I know, that I can, lol.

Then again, I'm not your normal person either.
Im a person that is FULL of mistakes....Im human.
Far from perfect, then again I never claim to be perfect.
Who is anyway? Who hasn't made mistakes?

I will be heading back to Ohio....LONG story...you'll have to watch
the FULL show to know exactly what is going on.
But thinking of the FULL show....

Notice how people always have an opinion of YOUR life?
Those people that "think" they know ALL about you and make false assumptions on what they see, or THINK they see & know....but the truth is, they DONT know. They cant know.....
They do NOT wear the judges robe to judge you and to know you.

Its impossible to know exactly, someone elses life.
Unless they have super powers and well....then we get into all that talk about capes instead of robes....

Why? Because they've NOT lived MY life from the moment I was born to the moment I had a birthday on Wednesday.....(Happy Birthday to me!)
No one has walked thru my crazy childhood on thru my crazy adulthood.

No one, but me. And I've done the best I know how with what I have.
I can either beat myself up for my mistakes or I can grow and move forward and do my best.

I am a person that is full of mistakes, no getting 'round that, lol...
but out of my mistakes, I have 3 of the GREATEST kids on earth.
And my kids will make mistakes too. You may even make a few here & there....*wink*

But honestly, my kids are amazing.
They've pressed thru some crazy years and in the end...
they are all still amazing.
Timothy and I were laughing about that, just yesterday.

Tim's ready to head back to Ohio...& so are my girls.
But Florida was good to us. No, Florida was GREAT to us!
We got to see alot, do alot and we've had a buttload of fun.
It turned into an extended vacation, is what it was....and now we are headed home.

Home where our friends & family are, and many will have ALOT to say about it I'm sure....but until you've lived in our life, walked in my croc's and know exactly what goes on minute by minute, your not allowed to be a judge.

I don't judge others by their mistakes or their paths, I have enough to worry about on my own damn path, lol
And in the end....those that judge will BE judged....

Hopefully I'll be back on my blog full time within the next few weeks....
Stay tuned.

Buckle your seatbelts, fasten them tight, the ride is about to begin.

It may be a bit bumpy, but its gonna be FUN!

And to the judges.....step back and take off your black robe.
Put down your mallet...there ya go....put it down.

Gently.....shhh.....there, there.....now look.
Under that judges robe, YOUR a real person too!

Who knew??

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