October 24, 2008

100 Feet Tall

This picture looks out my back door.
100 foot pine trees nestle themselves all over the property.
They are truly beautiful, except for the pine needle droppings everywhere.

Onto my point here....
I'm a big Croc fan. You know what I'm talkin bout....Croc's?
Those comfy shoes that everyone wears?
I admit it. I am a crocaholic. I admit that I am defenseless over my Croc addiction. I will put no other Croc's before me....Pffftt....and you thought I had a point, lol...*smiles*
I wear my croc's religiously. You know that crocs have holes all over them, right? Ok, Good! Imagine walking thru pine needles while wearing holey shoes. There ya go! You got it. *hands you a cookie*
I am constantly bending down pulling pine needles out of the holes in my shoes.
I can only imagine what my new neighbors must think, lol....

"Look, honey, theres that new girl bending down again, isnt she just weird?
I think we should stay away from her."
Ok, ok, maybe its in my imagination, but at one time, Croc's actually helped my aching back.
Um, Yah.....Not anymore!

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