November 21, 2008

Oooooo did someone say MURRINI??

Oooo, yes they did!
Ive been a busy bee this week, outside of taking care of a sick child....
And of course I ended up catching it...blah humbug!
It's amazing how a sinus infection and cold can bog the system completely down. It's like all the senses abort and your left with this infected crap that tastes like....well....I spose I should stop there, huh?
My 12y.o. has missed 6 days of school with a high fever and the sinus infection from hell. Poor kid. School sends her home, because of a 102 fever, then they call and complain that she's missing school.
You've GOT to be joking me? Nope, no joke here.....
In the interim, I kept busy mak'n handpulled murrini. Its truly beautiful, if I can say so myself. And totally FUN to make.
You'll see them on Etsy yet tonite~!


Jason said...

Whoa, that looks incredible!

Jennifer said...

very cool! Glad to see you're back!