August 12, 2010

Hope, Giggles & Coffee........

Lori Nicolls

:::My eyes change color depending on weather & mood
:::today was a good day, I dont get many of those & Im thankful.
:::with good days come lots of smiles, giggles & prayers to God for more of those, please, please, please, Amen & Thankyou.
:::wondering if everyone melts in this humidity or its just me
:::wondering if everyone gets as irritable as I do in this humidity
:::navy blue is my favorite color
:::ink blue is the prettiest glass ever made in my book
:::hoping for less back pain tomorrow
:::and no more spinal procedures
:::hoping I will sculpt new babies this fall
:::confession: thinking about becoming addicted again to my friend, coffee. I love coffee. I miss my friend.
:::Some addictions are just plain good.

1 comment:

Jason Korbus said...

Easy there. I could get addicted to you real quick.