August 7, 2010

At the end of my lens.....

Ive been incognito...sorry ma' Beady Peepz.
Another spinal procedure, life on hold, blah to the blah, blah....
But before I ended up in bed, I had the absolute honor to be called
in to do a wonderful friend of the family's, Senior Pictures.

Some people need time to butter up to the lens, but not Morgan.
She's a natural beauty and my camera & her got along very quickly.
She's a natural and I'd love to photograph her again soon.
All I can say is, Thankyou for allowing me the honor to celebrate in
such a priceless moment. The honor was all mine.

And with that mush & goo....stay on the prowl.
All this pillow time with my back has bred up some fascinating new
arty idears. I cant wait to show you....
it will be well worth your wait time;)

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