November 29, 2010

Life is simple...its just not easy


Fall Collage

You know me, always looking thru my lens, snapping up whatever I see. I realized I definately see the world from a different viewpoint.
Probably because my vision is skewed.
Probably because I cant see properly.
Probably most likely because I always have a camera stuffed in my face.
And you thought I was going to say something brilliant;)

The above sunrise shot this morning wasn't by choice. I was forced out of bed against my will. Also known as sick teenager, but it sounds so much more dramatic if I tell you it was by force and sucked my will to live. Makes you appreciate it soo much more, right?

Plus, nothing says good morning like freezing c-c-c-cold air hitting you, after you've warmed your bed from all night. Don't you just hate leaving the warm confines of your blankets? I know I do.
I will supress the urge to pee for hours, in order to avoid the temperature difference from my cozy-warm bed to the cold bathroom toilet.
I know what your thinking.


But, allow me to share a tip with you.
If you are forced awake for silly reasons like a full bladder, (either yours or the dogs) run to the bathroom, pee really-really fast and dart back to your bed. Move like Flash Gordon.

It will still be warm. I swear. Try it.
You can thank me later.

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