December 12, 2010

The Christmas Village.....magical

In the Christmas Village
My favorite part of Christmas is putting up my lighted Village.
Its like visiting a far away land, full of hope, dreams & pretend.
Typically, Im not this late in putting up our tree & christmas decorations, but sometimes my bad back is in charge.
Sometimes my back screams at me, in the same fashion that I scream
at it.

Then those crazy men in the 'white coats' threaten to put me in a jacket that I can hug myself in. Its such a fashion faux flubber, plus I hate that it ties in the back. What were they thinking, anyway? *winks*

So, what usually takes me a few hours, took ALL weekend, but who's complaining? Oh, right. Me. (laughs)

Christmas Village

Christmas Village....

Christmas Village -Lighted
We set up all the people in the village and it comes out different every year. I love that.
Its what my children love & yet remember more than anything.
The lighted Christmas Village seems to always trump everything else, as it holds a magical quality. Just like Santa Clause. The power of believing is magical in of itself. You dont have to see to believe.

But this year....oh this year, there's a new memory in the making.
I dont recommend it, but if you want memory power, I'll tell the little booger to come visit YOU *snickers*
That way, you will have the memory, instead of me.
And really, I'm ok with it. I share, so your in luck;)

What was the new memory?
I thought you'd never ask.....but, it was a MOUSE!!!!
We never saw Mr. Mouse, but we know he was there. We saw and we believe, because he nibbled & shredded a WHOLE roll of wrapping paper.
Oh, and part of our Christmas tree. That little booger.

The tiny rascal decided to nest in our tree box to stay warm.
I must admit, he proved himself to be a smart little mouse.
He must have spent months, building his home inside our christmas tree box.

I hated to uproot the little guy, no one likes to be forced to leave their home, c'mon.
a Mouse ate thru the tree!
And so, the countdown to Christmas is on.
I'm feeling the Holiday stress of needing to get out to do my shopping.
You too?
I keep saying, "I'll do it when my back stops screaming. I'll do it when I feel well enough to physically stand in the Holiday lines"
I can get near tears with back pain, and no one likes a big, fat crybaby.
Especially at Christmas. Plus, I hate to have my mascara run.

Then it started to snow today. And I thought...its beginning to look
ALOT like Christmas....I dont dare blink, because it will be over.
I dont want to miss it, because I blinked.
First sign of snowfall

I also dont want to run out of excuses to eat chocolate covered pretzels. I'm just say'n.

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