January 23, 2010

Monkey Teaser........

So, you asked what do I do when I'm not gingerly, nursing my poor back? I'm monkeying around of course...Doi!

So, without much of a post, I introduce to you, the
FIRST 2010 Monkey Baby.

When will she be done? Gosh durn, is this 20 questions??...*giggles*
My goal is to have her done by February 1st. Or January 31st, whichever comes first. I know, I not only work backwards, but I am backwards.
Must have something to do with my back....I'm sure its all relative.

So, stay tuned in Tokyo, keep abreast, because when you peep back in, you'll find a full size newborn hand sculpted monkey....or is it human?
Ahhh....I love those shades of grey...
There is no black & white in Lori's World....but thats ok.
Ive always thought imagination is more important than knowledge ....

1 comment:

Jason Korbus said...

Ah ha! I just KNEW checking this blog regularly would be rewarding. This little teaser looks fantastic! I'm very happy to know your back hasn't prevented you from rocking the art.