February 2, 2009

Oh Mr. Groundhog.............

So they tell me the Groundhog saw his ol' shadow??
They also tell me this means 6 more weeks of winter.
Is this true? I mean, if I count out 6 weeks..... or 35 days or 1 month & 7 days or 840 hours, or 50,400 minutes or 3,024,000 seconds, WILL it be Spring?
No seriously, WILL it be Spring? This winter is for the birds.....birds I say.
But in all honesty, we were warned. The Farmers Almanac warned us all, that this would be a very bad winter. I chose not to listen. I stuck my fingers in both ears and chanted, La La La La La La.
In fact, given the Groundhog has only predicted his shadow correctly 28% of the time....it makes me question the Farmers Almanac as well.
Ok, ok, so what. The Farmers Almanac has only been around since 1792, I mean, what would THEY know right? *wink*
So, Im assuming you ALL saw the Steelers kick ass in the Superbowl last night? The last 35 seconds and BAM! Steelers grab a touchdown and history, once again.... is made.
Even Bruce Springstein rocked it out on stage, at halftime.
How old is he anyway?? I hope when Im in my 50-60's that Im still rock'n & a roll'n.
On a more serious note, sorry that I havent been around lately.
Life & health just gets IN my way anymore, dammit anyhow.
All this health jibber jabber is for the birds anywhoooooo.....................
Im off to become a productive member of society today.

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