April 8, 2009

Nothing is imPOSSUMable!!!!!

YuppO, you heard right.
Nothing is impossumable.
I know sometimes, that we as humans stand in our own shadow and then we wonder why its dark??
Don't stand in your own shadow too long, its lonely & unproductive there. Find your light.
Remember: You are the only person that writes the story of YOUR life - one moment at a time.

Your creating the moment your living in right now.
Just as you will create the next moment. And the moment after that.
You have soo much power over your life, and as humans, we lose sight over that concept.
Picture an hourglass.
Depending where you are in your life, the sand of time continues to flow.
No matter what we do to change it. Time moves forward.
The more sand that has flowed, the clearer the hourglass will become.
Before I leave you to ponder, on that note....you MUST remember to value yourself in this lifetime.
This hourglass (YOUR Hourglass) of life, we carry with us.
The sand will still flow, but will you??
Until you value yourself, you will not value your time.
Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.
As for the Possum, I cannot take any credit for the adorable idea.
Maria from Garden Path Beads makes them soo much better, trust me, but
they are just too daggummed cute!!
I can take credit for the imPOSSUMable side note, teehee....
So....go on....figure out how clear your hourglass is....
and yes, you can do the imPOSSUMable!
Why? Because I believe in you.
Now.....all you need to do is believe in yourself.

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