April 11, 2009

You know those bratwurst sausage like things??

Um, ya. That would be my feet right now.
I must warn you now. I am NOT in the greatest of moods.
Read on, at your own risk, you've been warned.

I do not accept any responsibility of how you'll feel when your done reading my BS

So Gary and I spent almost 4 hours in the Emergency Room last night.
My feet have swollen to Ripley's Believe it or Not proportions.
Yes, your right. They look gross. I do NOT enjoy having bratwurst for feet.
Now, don't do that. Don't say, "Oh Lori, it could always be worse" kind of chastising.

I know that already, and surprisingly to all, It COULD be worse. Oh hell yes, it could.

Snap, Snap: Back to bratwurst & sausage like images.

The doctors cannot figure out WHY on earth I've gained 11 pounds in ONE week.
35 pounds in 6 weeks. Thank the good Lord, that I'm tall....whew, *wipes sweat off brow*
They took me off the Cymbalta, it wasnt really working anyhow....
Im in constant pain daily. Its really hard on your body , your emotions and your psyche to
feel like chit every day.

Its sorta like having the flu every day when you have Lupus and/or Fibromyalgia.

I know alot of people who have what I have, can relate.
I guess the key is LEARNING how to live in a new body that doesnt function like it used to.
Learning that you cannot make plans, because any moment you can get a flare up, and end up in bed or on the couch for a week at a time.

Talk about being productive, lol.....oh yah, that would be me.

The ER Doc, asked me last night if I was working.
I said, yes, but at home and on my torch. I told him, if I had a job outside my house, I'd be
fired. Oh yah, fired, lol....and probably quickly.
They tell me Im eligible for Disability, but I dont want to go that route.
I want to sculpt again and survive on my Art.

Art is my passion.
Art is the knot in my brain that never comes untied.
Its a part of my blood, a part of my soul.
I will be an Artist even if I'm not sculpting right now.....I will be an Artist no matter WHAT
I do, or if I cant do it for another year.

Nothing is imPOSSUMable.....(* see post below this one with the Possum*)
Now that I got my complaining out of my way, I'm going to take some more
Lasix so I can pee my brains out all day.

What fun.
I just cant wait, can you?

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