September 23, 2010

Happy Carmel Apple Day!!

My heart hath commeth to a complete stop. Its officially Autumn and you know what that means. Right? Right!
Right? You do know what that means...? Its carmel apple time *dances*

It should be a National Holiday, with no mail service, banks would be closed and trash pick-up resumes tomorrow.
Actually, trash pick-up should be a week from tomorrow, because I need to hide all the evidence.
Hey, they were small apples, dont judge!!
But, but I only ate 6 out of the 8.
Then I got 3 more and only ate 3, see...aren't you proud?

The MacQueens Apple Orchard Craft Show is approaching and I couldn't be more excited. My mum has a table there, which helps me to justify why I would be walking around eating more caramel apples.
Im positive that they are all adding some type of addictive substance to the carmel, which would explain my addiction...

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