September 6, 2010


Stopped in to pass along a wee bit of glass heaven.
Its a well known fact that when it comes to Lauras Beads, I am clearly smitten. She is a CIM tester and a beautiful one at that.
The wee round oddly shaped balls (made by Laura Sparling) of goodness are Sepia Unique. A delicious mixture of blue hues & violet.

Whenever I log onto her Blog and see new beady goodys, its a perfect mixture of happiness and contentment.

Why content?
Because from now to forever more, I will know the true color of glass before ordering it.
As most of us bead makers know, just because a rod of glass appears to be one color, when its put to the hot flame, it can certainly change into something its not.

Probably like alot of other things we experience in life, if you want to know the true color of anything or anyone, just add a little heat or
hot water;)

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