January 8, 2011

Find your path...


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Im not a huge fan of Winter...everyone that knows me, knows this tiny bit of huge information. It hurts my bones and tricks my body into thinking its near 90 instead of 30.

Ok, ok, ok....40, sheesh!

Either way, the good news is my computer is fixed (knocks on wood)
and it didnt cost an arm & leg. Why do I feel as if lightening will strike out of the sky and hit my computer now? Probably because I dont have the best luck in the world, lol...huh?
But, at least I'm laughing. And trust you/me, if I can keep laughing at all of lifes obstacles, then I figure I'll live longer.
Or have new grey hairs;)

Now, thats not to say, when there was a screw in my tire last week, (helping itself to ALL the air in my dagummed tire) that I didnt throw myself on the ground, shake my tightly balled fists at the sky & have a temper tantrum whilst cursing at life's small jokes.

But then I laughed.
And remembered that if you can find a path with absolutely NO obstacles, it probably doesnt lead anywhere.

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