May 25, 2010

Black Licorice Facts....mmmm

If your a black licorice lover like I am, then you have have to try Gimbal's Black Licorice Scottie Dogs candy.
Seriously, Ive yet to try a black licorice that can touch these puppies, literally lol....
Licorice root & pure anise, all wrapped up into an adorable dog shaped candy that will make your taste buds do flip flops. Plus, licorice has healing properties that date back to the 1800's, so if your looking for health reasons to eat candy, there you have it !!
Plus, licorice helps you poop. Face it people, we all poop. Its a natural laxative and the Chinese have used licorice root for over 5000 years.
Its known to work better than antacids and has anti-inflammatory properties similar to cortisone, but w/o the side effects.

Its unfortunate that no one in my house, but the dog & myself, like black licorice, so unfortunately, that leaves the whole bag for me, but Im not one to complain. ;)

Stay tuned for beads soon...the flame has been calling my name...
Im slowly sifting thru all these hospital tests and I see the Neurosurgeon tomorrow....For those of you that have asked me about the Tens Unit...its working very well. I would recommend one to anyone in pain.
They have an extremely high success rate.

Bead well my peeps....bead well.


Anonymous said...

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Lorin said...

Hello there Anonymous....!
I'd be honored to have one of my posts on your website, unless your advertising sex, then I'd decline, lol...
Let me know the link to your site...smiles, Lori