May 14, 2010


Remember Alfred Hitchcocks movie, The Birds? Oooo, nelly, I know I do...I seem to have the opposite problem.

Allow me to rewind a bit so you can be up to speed here.
Mothers Day was truly wonderful. My kids made the day soo extra special, and wanted to take me shopping, so I could get something I really wanted. We finally landed at The Andersons, for some cinnamon taffy and a bird feeder. Ive always been a bird lover, and have had quite a few birds myself. In fact my last baby cockatiel, I hand fed.
She had such a vocabulary too! So, given my love for our feathered friends, I got a beautiful bird feeder and a big bag of bird seed.
Oh, and a pound of taffy which currently resides in my stomach.

I filled the bird feeder chamber last Sunday. Mothers Day.
As you can see, the birds have been very very busy, throwing seed OUT of the feeder and onto my patio. If you are a person that "really" pays attention to things, you'll notice this is the same exact place that I photograph my BEADS.

Cost of Birdfeeder $24.99
Bag of Birdseed $5.99
The look on my face when I remembered how messy birds are:

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