July 16, 2010


Im nekkid....or at least I feel that way.
Allow me to digress.

At one point about 2 years ago, my hair was wa-a-a-ay down my back.
Past the brassiere strap and headed towards 3rd base...
It took me a long time to cut all those hairs. *You do have more than one hair dontchaknow* So, time was up, and I cut all of them.
About 10-12" .....*Gasps*!! I know, right?

Me thinks that was the hardest decision to make, but once you take that initial step, it becomes alot easier. I guess with anything, that probably holds true. Its always hard to let go, beit choices, old habits, or whatever your "thing" might be....

When my wonderful-will-you-come-home-with-me-hairdresser, gave me my new do, I felt nekkid. Not naked in the literal sense, but naked in the fact that my long hair was gone.....Gone like a bad habit...

It had grown out again, because Im not one to see my Beautician and play beauty shoppe. Nope, just not my style (no pun intended, lol)
& you cant make me -neener neener boo boo*sneers*
So, cutting it all back off felt really great today.
I feel nekkid again, but feeling nekkid has never felt soo great.

With my new do, I secretly hoped & prayed for a new me, new health and less being sick. Silly stuff I know....But, I sure hope God was listening today....because I whined, I cried, I stamped my feet and threw a fit.
Thank goodness God doesnt judge us for poor behavior or our nekkidness. He loves us exactly how we are.....

Even with short hair and bad habits.

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