July 22, 2010

Top 10 Excuses

Hello Ma' Peeparoni's!!
What was that? What did you say?
You've come here everyday to read my infinate words of blogging wisdom?

I know *hides shame* I know...
Allow me to explain:

1.) The dog ate my blog
2.) Ok, not really
3.) Its Summer and the searing heat melted my fingertips into a big sticky pile of finger-goo, therefore rendering me helpless and
unable to blog.
4.) Ok, so not really
5.) God told me not to blog, and who am I, to disobey HIM?
6.) My monkey died
7.) My chair makes my butt fall asleep
8.) Been soo busy making new beedz, that I just forgot...no really!
9.) I couldnt come up with number nine
10.) Which means, I probably most likely dont really but seriously dont have a number 10 either.

So.... the next time you stop by, you should be seeing new pictures
of new beedz. And stuff.
(The 'and stuff' is a buncha new beady ideas using new glass)
Plus, I cant come up with any more new excuses...



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