March 10, 2010

By the Hare of his Chinney Chin Chin........

When God handed out smiles almost 21 years ago, he thought of me.
Not everyone gets a chance to laugh almost every day for 21 years,
but I have.

I was nominated to be lucky enough to know my son.
To know Tim is to love Tim.
You cant help it...even though I've almost strangled
the boy and skinned him by the "hare" of his chinney chin chin...
He has managed to make me smile for over 2 decades.
I dont know how I got soo lucky, but I am truly & eternally blessed.

I was blessed x3 with all my punks.
Me thinks I am the luckiest Mom on Planet Earth.
So, If you ever get down or somehow find yourself
blue, just look at Tim in Bunny Ears and I'm sure a smile will
find its way to you too.
Count your blessings even if they come disguised ....

As rabbits ;)

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Anonymous said...

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