March 25, 2010

Rainbows inspire hope.....right?

They say rainbows inspire hope. That somewhere over the rainbow is a pot of gold.
Well, I make lots of rainbows & I've yet to find a pot of gold OR a little irish man....pfftt...
So tomorrow it happens again. Yes, that.

(Transforaminal Nerve Blocks) I get to lay belly down on the hospital table, with my pants pulled down right below my butt crack and wait on the doctor. Yes, like that.
When I mentioned it, he told me that he could identify people by their backsides, better than their faces.....
WOW...he did NOT just go there. Oh yes he
-I hate the whole sedated-drooling-on-my-couch-look.
-I hate the whole needle into the spine gig. I really hate that.
-I hate how it feels like my spine is on fire.
-I like how cool the ultrasound gelly is....& I like the turquoisey-minty blue color it comes in. Think if I take the bottle, they'll notice?
-I also like the blue color dye they inject into my spine...its pretty.
Are you all sensing some blue beads coming up? Oh, you know me too well, dont you? And yes, BLUE is my favorite color...
-oh, oh, and I hate when the anesthetic wears off and my ass starts to hurt....ALL weekend.
- I hate the fact that I'll lose about 2-3 days after the procedure.
- I like the fact that it gives my girls & I lots of MOVIE time....which reminds me, Couples Retreat is on the list to watch. Have any of you seen that? Seriously, Vince Vaughn makes my heart laugh.
I would marry Vince if I knew him. But I dont. He still makes me laugh.
They say laughter is good for the soul...
Hard to remember when your in alot of pain, but I know I have soo many friends that pick me up on the dreariest of days. Days like tomorrow...
Thank you to all those friends.

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