March 17, 2010

I smell CABBAGE!!!

I smell cab-b-bage!!
Its a good thing, a very good thing....
I cant remember a time that I havent made a homemade Jiggs Dinner on Cabbage Day. (a.k.a. St. Patty's Day)...Its become standard practice. Its just how we do things every St. Pattys Day, here in The Nicolls Household. And its not like there are rules that say you aren't allowed to cook Corn beef & Cabbage any other day of the year...There are no Irish Cabbage Police stopping me, or fines for cooking it the other 364 days.....

I also make gallons of green kool-aid. Its tradition. I know most people run out to the Pub & get green beer, but not me. Green Kool-Aid for me is my green beer...and it rocks. Kool-Aid rocks. Any color, but on St. Pats Day its green sugary goodness.....
(no, Im not getting paid to say that, but I should be, right? lol.......)

Wait. Hold up...there are more cabbage sniffers here than just me. There's a curious nose in the cabbage and I think she's as anxious for dinner as we all are.

I heart a homemade Jiggs Dinner, it makes my pulse skip a beat. It makes St. Pats Day a truly wonderful tradition in my family.

And I can honestly say I cook an amazing Jiggs Dinner...its what I do...
Its what my kids look forward to every year. And in order to eat my Jiggs Dinner, you MUST come wearing green....and you must enjoy the smell of THAT's a rule!! ;)

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